About From Coffee With Love Blog

Welcome to From Coffee With Love Blog, in which I will try and present in a fun and enjoyable reading manner about all things coffee, from a love perspective of course.

Caffe Ti Amo

By Love, I don’t mean hearts, kisses and all that butterfly in your stomach stuff, but from a passionate perspective. After all, despite what some scientists say, coffee is really good for you (I have lots of proof), as long as you treat it with LOVE and PASSION translated as CARE and SERIOUSNESS.

I’ll talk about new experiences with tasting different types of coffee (bean talk), as well as my latest taste escapades (I’m drinking...) and visiting new cafes around the World (bean there), as well as sharing some lovely pictures (art of coffee), because visually, I think coffee looks great.

I’ll also try and keep you updated with new cafes opening around the World (coffee news), new equipment (coffee tools), how to get  the best from your bean (tips) and look after it of course, tips and tricks and lots of other stuff, which I hope you will find interesting. 

Please feel free to comment on any post and correct me when I’m wrong.


Enjoy tasting and smelling the Blog.

From Coffee With Love


PS: By the way, my real name is Lameen

19 responses to “About From Coffee With Love Blog

  • Jonathan Moss

    Hi Lameen,

    Great to see you have a real passion for coffee, something you share with us. Would you be interested in taking part in our Coffee Lovers Competition? It’s something our company, Casa Espresso, is running in the lead up until Xmas, giving away a few coffee realted prizes in the process.

    You can see full details of it here > http://www.casaespresso.co.uk/coffee-lover-competition/

    Please let me know if you have any questions or queries and I’d b happy to help. Would be really great to see your entry though 🙂

  • Taubette Klompas

    Just found you and the Caffe and your blog via 2 lines in today’s Independent (UK). Wish I lived closer, wish I could pop in for coffee and above all cheesecake (if you do a cheesecake postal service to Brighton, Sussex, I would be grateful!)and wish I could spend time in your Caffe drinking, eating and reading. Will have to make do with your blog. Can I subscribe?

    Thanks for cheering me up on a very, very cold Brighton day.


  • Jesse Kovarsky

    Just stumbled upon this blog. Im a youthful timid coffee enthusiast- observer and consumer looking to marriage both hands and mind around the world of the bean. I must say I’ve been fairly hesitant to fully allow myself to dive into the slowmotion jaw drop eyelid lift amazingness that I think coffee has to offer. You’ve initiated a spark and infected me with inspiration.
    I look forward to researching your blog and gain some perspective that I believe will only contribute to the lengthy veins that harvest my newly pumping excitement.
    I am a London dancer who is on a mission to visit the coffee spots of london and get my hands on production/consumption any way I can.
    Keep up your amazing work!


  • Aleksandra


    My name is Aleksandra and I am writing to you on behalf of the Growers Cup company, as we are looking for some external reviews to get us more visible – and based on the brief review of your blog- I am sure your readers will love!

    CoffeeBrewer by Growers Cup is a quite novelty thing and there are not so many people, that are familiar with our concept. The concept behind the CoffeeBrewer is quite simple, as it connects convenience of the instant coffee with a quality of a pour over French press. Because of its design, the product can be taken outside, but also be given as a gift for any Coffee Lover, that enjoy gourmet coffee. You can check our website:( https://growerscup.coffee ), and also Amazon StoreFront ( https://www.amazon.co.uk/stores/page/9F060446-6785-4DC6-8E3F-9269EBCE2B13) – we exist both on Amazon UK and US), to get an overall idea about the product.

    We are looking for a person, that would like to try our coffee ( We send you the product), and would write a review.

  • Irina Postelnicu

    Hi Lameen,

    My name is Irina and I’m writing to you on behalf of Market Inspector UK, a digital B2B marketplace.

    We know real passion when we see it, and we definitely see it shining in your blog. The consistency that you have kept through many years is definitely to be rewards, thus we are proud to have you in the nominees for our 2018’s Best Coffee Blogs Awards.

    You can see last year’s winners here: https://www.market-inspector.co.uk/blog/2017/07/best-coffee-blogs-2017

    We’re currently in the process of selecting and publishing this year’s winners, so it would be great if you could send a picture or logo representing you or your blog, as well as a quote with something you would like added to your blog description.

    If you are awarded, we will provide you with the winners’ badge to place on your webpage.

    Congratulations on your achievements and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Keep Blogging!

  • megkritzinger

    Hi Lameen,
    I’ve just come across your blog. lots of great info and thank you for sharing.
    Random one – but are you based in Cape Town by any chance? I saw you referencing it a few times in your articles in 2012 in London.
    I’m looking to open a coffee bar hatch – in Cape Town (the coffee scene has improved here since 2012 🙂 ) and if you’re in town it would be great to meet up and chat and hear your thoughts?

    • Lameen

      I moved back to Europe in 2012, based in Vienna. What are your inspirations and aspirations? CT was a challenge when I was there but when I went back in late 2016 I saw the scene had mushroomed. We can chat by phone if you want

      • megkritzinger

        Hi Lameen,
        Thanks for the response.
        My inspiration is to create a small coffee bar which focuses primarily on take away coffees. It’ll be very (!) small with one or two bar stools/benches outside. The aim is to be fun, bright and serve good quality coffee. Im calling it after my dog, which is this incredible staffy that is stoked with life. I hope to partner with some of CT’s top bakeries and sell a small amount of something savoury and sweet everyday. The vision is for these bars to be all over Cape Town and not just in the ‘nice central upmarket’ areas, but I would love to see them pop up on the outskirts and in the townships surrounding our city. I am busy trying to find the perfect location and I am hoping for somewhere along the Sea Point Promenade. I have decided to serve Bean There coffee, which is good quality – I am not sure if you have heard of it? As I want to keep costs down I think I am going to go with a Wega machine and Anfim grinder. Whilst I have met one awesome guy who is a trained barista, I also hope to engage with Ground UP Academy which has this amazing initiative to train and equip unemployed people in becoming entry level Baristas.
        So thats the story! Ive been reading your blog, and following a lot of your mentioned coffee bars on instagram to try get a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. As you have seen a lot of coffee bars/shops around the world, I wanted to know if you have any advice if in this regard? any comments on the above? Any words of encouragement, the do’s or don’ts?
        thanks a lot for your time its much appreciated. When I do open you’ll have to come visit when you’re next in Cape Town!

  • happysmartcoffee24

    Nice Blog. Good work.
    Also know about smart coffee – https://happysmartcoffee.com/

  • Anna Wilson

    Great to know about your passion for coffee!! This is a great article, and something I think needs to be communicated more often. Though I am living in Maumee and Fair Trade Restaurant Maumee is my favorite place to have a cup of coffee: http://www.georgettes.org Thanks!!

  • coffeelovers094

    This is awesome I love to take coffee in a cool place. And I am very addicted to coffee. Keep sharing

  • Coffee Diff

    Just stumbled into this post while searching about coffee, so decided to say hi. Looking forward to reading the years of posts on here 🙂

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