Perhaps you googled the words “coffee” and “love” to see if there was a relationship and hey presto, you were thrown to this page. Perhaps you love coffee and the caffe culture that we associate with the modern coffee shop – dim lights, comforting colours, coffee aroma, a place to sit, relax, meet with friends and acquaintances, work on your laptop, enjoying a latte, cappuccino, espresso, tea, smoothie or your favourite drink.

So why are you here – why this website. Well ! I fell in love with coffee in 2004, whilst in the trapping of a small holiday flat in Rome and ever since then its been a whirl wind of delight for my taste buds. As I began to experiment more and more with coffee, I became more and more intrigued, so much so that I was like, I’ve got to open a café. This led me to read and read as much about coffee as possible and after amassing all that knowledge, I thought ! I’ve got to reach out and share this stuff with others and here we are,

FROM COFFEE WITH LOVE – it’s about love, loving to share – coffee showing you how to love and appreciate it – not just as a normal drink but about fantasy, escape and passion, It is……….. 

The Drink of the Escapist!

A website for the caffe culture enthusiast, escaping the hustle and bustle of our modern age, sipping one of the most exotic drinks in the world discovered by fate in a land unknown to most in surroundings that bring peace of mind.

About Loving Coffee!

Because it first starts with infatuation, but as you get to know it more and more, you begin to love the drink, the smell, the taste, the way it is made, the way it looks, where to drink it, how it all started – all this is addressed on this website.

About being Passionate!

It is said that coffee fanatics are never satisfied, always looking for that perfect taste. if your drink is espresso, it can become an obsession, looking for that God-sent shot with thick crema – a drink that makes you loose your senses for a while and say WOW ! Fanatics that would never compromise on coffee and would rather go thirsty than drink instant coffee or badly brewed coffee. The drink of the escapist, who escapes from reality to the surreal, loosing their taste buds in a whirl of decadent flavours, rolling through their tongue, and introducing new sensations to their senses of smell and taste. Good coffee soothes your stomach, the host of the majority of your arteries and delivers an excitable feeling to the rest of your body…. OK ! So may be I’ve lost it and described you, but never compromise your taste buds with bad coffee.

“Life is too short for bad coffee”

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