Fascinating Coffee Facts

Coffee facts – did you know?

There are so many misconceptions about coffee like it accelerates heart disease, gives you stomach ache, makes you put on weight, causes cancer, etc – the list goes on, but these are generally misconceptions and myths, especially if coffee consumption is solely blamed for these conditions. Recent research has proved otherwise and just like at the beginning of the coffee journey when coffee was seen as a great blessing, you will be glad to know that it still is. 

So for example did you know that ….

A cup of well prepared coffee has more anti-oxidants than a bowl of fruit – OK ! you’re asking what are anti-oxidants – a simple explanation, they are one of the many elements used to help fight cancer so rather than causing cancer, coffee might help you fight it.

Coffee accelerates the impact of paracetemol (headache pills for some), which means that if you have a headache and you take a headache pill which contains paracetemol and follow it with a cup of coffee, it can help get rid of your headache faster, provided you don’t go banging your head against the wall.

In general, follow the rule of life for most things – “too much of anything is bad for you”. True, some people might feel nervous and unable to sleep if they have one cup of coffee, and true too, some people might down 20 espressos a day and not feel anything – it’s all about tolerance. I like coffee but I don’t have more than 5 cups of any type of coffee a day. However, I also have a double espresso an hour before I go to bed and it won’t keep me from falling asleep. However, for some people, any type of caffeine after midday affects them for the rest of the day. You’ve just got to know yourself and not push the boundaries, so to take it out on coffee, is just a simple excuse – what else did you eat and what kind of lifestyle do you lead ?

For more about the health benefits of coffee, visit http://www.coffeeandhealth.org

Below is a section on Did you know?

Did you know that with an annual consumption of over 400 billion cups, coffee is the World’s most popular beverage?

Did you know that espresso was invented by a Frenchman in 1822?

Did you know that espresso means “made to order” or fast as in delivering mail?

Did you know that the first public coffee house was in Mecca, Saudi Arabia?

Did you know that the Vienna Coffee Houses were the first to introduce cream and milk into coffee as well as offering customers differing strengths of coffee?

Did you know that the Vienna Coffee Houses were the first to introduce newspapers attached to wooden sticks, so common now in cafes and restaurants in Europe?

Did you know that there is more caffeine in a cup of instant coffee than in a cup of espresso – the reason is that instant coffee is made with caffeine charged robusta beans and a typical espresso with high quality arabica beans. Also the longer the contact with water the more caffeine – espresso is 25 seconds and instant coffee a few minutes?

Did you know that Brazil produces the most coffee in the world?

Did you know that the Costa Ricans consume twice the amount of coffee as the Italians do per day?

Did you know that out of all the coffee producers, only 3 countries drink a lot of the stuff – Brazil, Costa Rica and Ethiopia. In fact, in Ethiopia they consume more than they export?

Did you know that coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil?

Did you know that at the height of the coffee craze in Turkey, a woman was allowed to divorce her husband if he didn’t arrange for her daily dose of coffee?

Did you know that during the height of the coffee phenomenon in Turkey, wealthy households had their own baristas as part of their waiting staff – can you imagine, your own barista to prepare coffee for you when you want it?


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