Two More Coffee Shops in Vienna (Part 2)

Newly opened as of February 2007, is Kaffe Kuche (coffee kitchen in English), located at the busiest metro station in Vienna, Schottentor. It is small with comforting dark interiors and dark wood with high stools, but with a location like this, you wouldn’t want anything bigger in any case. However, the key to this new coffee shop is their attention to detail in preparation of Italian based coffee drinks (something that is lacking in Vienna). Now, whilst you wait for your tram to arrive on a wet and cold morning, you can warm yourself up with a freshly ground and prepared cappuccino or caffe latte with, wait for it, latte art – yes ! latte art has arrived in Vienna. In fact, that was the main reason I rushed there in my tight lunch break to order a cappuccino with an apple heart (see intro page of the website for the image and bean there for a picture of the shop). Cut and paste didn’t work here.

The coffee is of course good – it went down smoothly – the sign of a well prepared coffee and well prepared frothed milk – you shouldn’t feel any type of indigestion. In fact, in Italy that is how a well prepared coffee is judged – any sign of indigestion and you’ve been conned. Anyway back to the shop, they use a Dalla Corte espresso machine, which I just found out boasts a DTCS system (Direct Temperature Control System) for the techies and for non-techies, it means that you can control each brewing unit (the part that dispenses your espresso shot). Something similar to what Synesso of Seattle, another top and very innovative espresso machine maker does. This means that if you really want to serve top espresso, then you can control the unit/temperature so that it is just right. Ok ! I’m beginning to get a little bit technical and that’s not the purpose of this message. To the point – the machine, with the help of a well trained barista can deliver good espresso shots. Kaffe Kuche also use a Mahl Konig grind on demand coffee grinder – very classy.

Other offerings include delicious mini-brioche rolls, croissants, smoothies, teas, other health drinks and snacks. Highly recommended when you visit Vienna or live in Vienna for that extra special feel.

Two More Coffee Shops in Vienna (Part 1)

Continuing with my coffee shop hunt in Vienna, I decided to visit the last of the top 3 coffee shops in Vienna (a recent Austrian magazine listed the Roast, Mocca Club and Alt Wien), the Roast on 21 Augasse, opposite the University in the 19th District.

Being in a prime location, I expected the place to be empty on a Saturday afternoon, which it was. In any case, I was impressed by the authenticity of the place. It’s got chairs and tables outside with an extensive list of items on offer. As you enter the shop, you have to climb some stairs, where you are greeted with a comforting interior, complete with brown interior and wooden furniture. To the left as you enter, they have what seemed like a Bagel Bar, where during the week and meal times, you can get fresh filled bagel sandwiches. However, as you enter the shop, the name “the Roast” lives up to its name, as you are greeted with an enormous commercial coffee roasting machine, often used to roast green beans. On the left of this awesome machine, naturally, they have freshly roasted coffee beans to buy and take away. The beans are primarily from Ethiopia and Kenya and they have some blends suitable for different types of coffee drinks; graded according to strength. I bought the 80:20 – ideal for espresso.

Of course, I had to try their coffee making skills and I ordered an espresso macchiato, extracted from their manual hand lever commercial grade espresso machine. A good shot ! I’ll try and go back sometime God willing during their busy period to get a real feel for the place.

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