Thanks Conde Nast Traveller

I’m not sure about you but, since I was a kid I loved travelling to different places and now that I am grown up, it’s always exciting to see other parts of the World and meet other people from the Globe. So, whenever I get the opportunity, I try and buy the UK edition of the Conde Nast Traveller (CN Traveller for short) – Wow ! There are so many wonderful places on this earth that God gave us. Anyway to cut a long excitement note short, in the December 2007 edition, there was a piece on Cafe Culture in Vienna, Austria, where I currently live and of course I went straight to the article. I was so intrigued by what I read, that I just had to write in to CN Traveller and mildly complain about the feature on the traditional Cafes in Vienna. See below

 CN Letter

In any case as you can see above, they were so impressed with my letter that they published it in their February 2008 Edition. I managed to get some publicity too and surprise! surpirse!, I got my most hits on this website and blog during the month of January 2008. So I just wanted to say thanks to the Editor and staff at CN Traveller.

If you’ve got the cash and want to dream about your next holiday to amazing places, I recommend you buy this fabulous magazine and I ain’t getting paid to say that, honestly !

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