World Barista Championships 2008

I thought that I’d let all those of you who want to know that the 2008 World Barista Championships (WBC), held in Copenhagen (Denmark) from 19-22 June 2008, was won by Stephen Morrissey of Ireland, who incidentally gave me my first latte art class at the Caffe Culture 2008 event in London, show off ! I know, but just to let you know too that the 2007 WBC Champ, James Hoffmann, also gave me some espresso lessons at the Caffe Culture event in 2007.  This does not mean that I am now an espresso expert but it’s good to try and learn from the best.

In any case, you may wish to know that Stephen and James have now joined together to form a company, Square Mile Roasters, see, website still to be completely developed I should add, but in any case, it promises to be a fruitful relationship when it is launched and should increase London’s coffee standing – can’t wait to visit their shop when it is up and running God willing.

For more about the WBC, sponsored by La Marzocco and Compak Coffee Grinders amongst many other, see

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